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000 to invest and you need 45000 for a down payment

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Unformatted text preview: to invest and you need $45,000 for a down payment n a house. If you want to buy the house in 2 years, what r ou need to earn? looking for? formula: RATE(nper,pmt,pv,fv) Compute PV = FV = NPER = RATE = rate will display as a whole percent, you need to format th decimal places.) r a down payment and e in 2 years, what rate 30,000 45,000 2 22.47% u need to format the You have $15,000 to invest right now and you figure need $25,000 to buy a new car. If you can earn 9% p how long before you can buy the car? What are you looking for? Use the NPER formula: NPER(rate,pmt,pv,fv) Compute PV = FV = RATE = NPER = d you figure you will an earn 9% per year, 15,000 25,000 9% (Same as .09) 5.93 years...
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