hw1_solution - EE 459 HW SET #1 Chapter1: (Summary...

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EE 459 HW SET #1 Chapter1: (Summary questions for insights) Q1: Explain the following historical event: Why power utility companies are using AC power instead of the DC generators that Edison invented at the beginning? Answer: Utility companies have been generating power at remote areas to save land costs, energy costs, noise and pollution control costs; accordingly, power needs to be delivered a long distance to the loads. The higher the transmission voltage magnitude, the lower the current magnitudes to deliver the same amount of power; and thus the lower the transmission loss. AC transformers were invented to step up the transmission voltage, thus AC generations have been used. Q2: What is the main reason that the power utility companies have relatively low utilization rate of their generation capacity? (Less than 50% as indicated by the textbook!) Answer: Please refer to page 3 of the textbook also. Due to the load daily cycle and lack of power storage apparatuses, generation capacity needs to
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hw1_solution - EE 459 HW SET #1 Chapter1: (Summary...

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