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EE 459 HW SET #3 Chapter 3: (Summary questions for insights) Q1: What is corona? Why bundling will reduce the development of corona? Q2: Compare the per unit length formulae for transmission line capacitors with the inductance formulae. What are the differences? Chapter 4: (Summary questions for insights) Q1: Please sum up the formulae for lumped pi-model parameters in terms of per unit length admittance, impedance values and line length. In practice,
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Unformatted text preview: what are the formulas for long lines, medium lines and short lines? Q2: Why circuit designers (including power engineers) using pi-models instead other models such as T-models? Q3: Explain why sending power will never equal to the receiving power for a long-distance transmission line. Q4: What is a power circle diagram? What are the insights obtained from the diagram? Chapter4: (Calculations for insights) Problem #4.3, 4.23, 4.27....
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