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EE 459 HW SET #5 (Due on Monday, March 20) Chapter 9: (Summary questions for insights) Q1: a) What is an admittance matrix? Please give definition to all variables. b) For a given system, how to construct its admittance matrix? Q2: a) What is a power flow analysis problem? B) Where is the nonlinearity from? Chapter9: (Calculations for insights) 1) a)Repeat problem 4.27 by using admittance matrix and its associated power flow equations assuming the given values are in p.u system. Discuss how is modeled in the problem. 2 G Q b) Can it be modeled as a constant capacitance, if yes, how? What
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Unformatted text preview: should be its value? What would be the difference with modeling it as a constant reactive power source? Are these two models equivalent? What is changed? Do they have the same admittance matrix? 2) 9.2 3) 9.3 4) Read section 9.5 and follow the impedance matrix construction algorithm to solve 9.10. Please verify the solution by inverting the admittance matrix. 5) 9.11. What impedance matrix construction rule(s) are you applying? Please also verify the solution by inverting the modified admittance matrix....
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