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Transborder Latino Studies

Transborder Latino Studies - Language policy very symbolic...

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Language policy: very symbolic o Notion of english only (english should be the official language) o Acculturation model..yes be proud of culture and that you can speak two languages o Reality is that if people want to assimilate, they should learn one language and that should be english (Assimilation means abandonment of one’s previous culture and the total adaptation of the new culture presented.) Terms for Exam: o Define Latino politics- Latinos ‘08 1960-was the first time Latino voters were paid attention in a national election, by LBJ (Vice  president (Viva Kennedy posters) 1968- Raza Unido, first Mexican majority party in all of U.S. became third party in Texas 1984- Reagan first president to get Hispanic vote, 37% 2000- Bush first president to show openness to Mexico 2007- Bill Richardson’s candidacy looked at as a momentous moment to many Latinos McCain receives 2/3 rd  of Hispanic vote Latino agenda: Education When Latinos are targeted by specific candidate, turnout goes up Latinos tend to identify with somebody that’s similar Latinos are more likely to vote at local level, as community leaders are held more  accountable, and moving up means de-ethicizing, and moving along party lines and not  individual issues. Immigration-Big impact on the number of actual voters. Half of Latino pop. Is foreign-born,  which means they can’t vote yet, which means they’re not targeted Age-Traditional, more older people, Non-Traditional is a youth movement Wealth- The more money you have, the more you are likely to participate in traditional politics.
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