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TCL Notes - Emergency Treatment is given regardless of...

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TCL Notes-2/23/10 Most Latino immigrants now are no longer rural, but now urban. Cities that first attract immigrants continue to become huge immigrant cities. Regional Economic declines-Detroit-Restructuring of the economy Job restructuring in Economic decline Immigration-International Influences, Local Impact. Undocumented Immigrant-No driver’s license Cities must be responsible for strengthening local economy Cities are responsible for help immigrants w/ social services Kids regardless of citizenship can go to school (Homeless kids can go to school)
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Unformatted text preview: Emergency Treatment is given regardless of immigrant status Cities and state get monies back funneled into their local areas…. .but the monies were never allocated, so many cities sued. Immigrants lower wages for lower skilled employees…. Immigrants have kept many industries from outsourcing-revitalized immigrants cities with labor, such as Miami w/ Cuban immigrants. Immigrants are highly entrepreneurial…. Immigrants do pay taxes…they are not exempt Most large companies are less likely to higher immigrants...
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