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Latinos in Politics (test 3)

Latinos in Politics (test 3) - level than at national and...

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Latinos in Politics Politics come in two forms: Traditional and Non-Traditional Traditional: Voting, Elected officials, Parties, Voter Registration, Outreach by parties or by elected officials, Campaign Refinance, Non-Traditional: Grassroots Organizing, Demonstrations, Boycotts, Community-Based Issues, Coalitions You can very much be political, even if you cannot vote Politiks- The process of mobilizing change Latino gender agenda: Education, When Latinos are targeted by a specific candidate; turnout goes up Latinos tend to identify with somebody that’s similar Studies show that Latinos at community needs, and more likely to identify with your identity at the local
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Unformatted text preview: level, than at national and congressional, as community leaders are held more accountable, and as you move up, you have to de-ethicize, as you go higher up, you vote more along party lines as well. Immigration- Big impact on the number of actual voters. Polarizing issue, and also, half of the Latino pop. Is foreign born, which means they can’t vote, which means they’re not targeted. Age- Older tend to vote more-Traditional…………………Non traditional- youth play a huge part in grassroots movements Education- Group that is growing in size, numbers and getting older. Money- Wealthier you are, more likely to participate in traditional politics....
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