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Com230Case StudySp10-1 - CASE STUDY OVERVIEW Communication...

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CASE STUDY OVERVIEW Communication 230 Final Team Assignment Team Goal: Write and Present a Group Case Study Analysis Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the group to study its history and development. By examining your team’s notes and activities and discussing your perceptions of what happened within your team, you should be able to gain an insight into the complexities of group interaction and the relationship between small group theory and practice. Possible points: 100 Team’s Presentation and Delivery: 60 points Team’s Written work: 40 points This assignment is written to net a grade of “C.” To earn a higher grade the team will need to add additional elements to the basic criteria as well as demonstrate high levels of creativity. Overview of Assignment Presentation and Delivery 60 possible points Each team will: 1. create and deliver as a team a 20-25 minute presentation, followed by a brief (5 minute) question-answer period. 2. detail the issues they have identified as important to the understanding of group decision-making. Choose only those issues you feel are the most important and that will help you understand about group processes in general. 3. As you discuss and demonstrate (pictures/videos etc.) your group’s history, experiences and behaviors, apply as much theory as possible directly and specifically to the group behavior that was experienced Written Work 40 possible points The goal of the team’s written work is to provide as much insight into the group's history as possible. This is a group effort and each member will receive the same grade as provided the member is in compliance with the team’s contract. The team will not fulfill the assignment by simply dividing the work into areas to be covered by different group members. The team must discuss and reach a consensus about each of the issues identified. Writing style will be a factor in grading the paper. 12 point type, The team’s paper will be a 5-6 page FULL SENTENCE OUTLINE PLUS have a bibliography of all sources used, completed in APA Style, PLUS the team’s cover page listing the names of all contributing members followed by each members signature. This entire document must be submitted to Safe Assignment prior to presenting. Instructions: On the team’s assigned presentation day, BEFORE presenting the team will turn in a hard copy of the above paperwork containing the information described below: Team’s history, behavior, and development The purpose of this assignment is to: review what has happened in your group by studying it’s history, behavior, and development.
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compare and contrast your group’s development throughout the semester demonstrate the team’s understanding of small group concepts and theories presented during chapter lectures and included in the course text. To accomplish this the team will need to reference meeting notes, group projects, group activities, and
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Com230Case StudySp10-1 - CASE STUDY OVERVIEW Communication...

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