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Unformatted text preview: DATASHEET VIRTUOSO LAYOUT SUITE GXL VIRTUOSO CUSTOM DESIGN PLATFORM When design objectives dictate manipulating precise analog quantities— voltages, currents, charges, and continuous ratios of parameter values such as resistance and capacitance— companies turn to custom design. Full- custom design maximizes performance while minimizing area and power. However, it requires significant handcrafting by a select set of engineers with very high skill levels. In addition, custom circuits are more sensitive to physical effects, which are exacerbated at new nanometer process nodes. The new unified Virtuoso custom design platform utilizes the latest in modern user interfaces and design tool integration advances to bring unprecedented levels of productivity and integration to design creation, verification, and implementation. Built on a connectivity- and constraint-driven flow, Cadence ® Virtuoso ® Layout Suite GXL is the fully automated custom placement, routing, layout optimization, module generation, and floorplanning environment of the Virtuoso custom design platform, a complete solution for front-to- back custom analog, digital, RF, and mixed-signal design. It supports custom physical implementation at the device, cell, block, and chip level. Figure 1: The industry-standard Virtuoso Layout Suite user interface 2 VIRTUOSO LAYOUT SUITE GXL Backed by the largest number of process design kits (PDKs) available from the world’s leading foundries—for process nodes from 0.5um to 28nm, and everything in between—the Virtuoso custom design platform is built on the OpenAccess database, engineered by Cadence for industry-wide interoperability. The Virtuoso custom design platform accelerates the design of custom ICs across various process nodes. By selectively automating aspects of custom analog design and providing advanced technologies integrated on a common database, it allows engineers to focus on precision-crafting their designs—without sacrificing creativity to repetitive manual tasks. VIRTUOSO LAYOUT SUITE The Virtuoso Layout Suite comprises three tiers of increasing layout automation and designer productivity. Virtuoso Layout Suite L is the basic design creation and implementation environment. Virtuoso Layout Suite XL is an extension to the L configuration, designed with layout productivity as its focus. And finally, Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL is a robust set of advanced automated design tools that satisfy demanding physical design tasks such as automatic placement, routing, and optimization. VIRTUOSO LAYOUT SUITE GXL Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL is a collection of fully automatic layout features such as custom placement and routing, layout optimization, module generation, and analog/mixed-signal floorplanning built upon the connectivity- and constraint- driven layout environment of the industry-standard Virtuoso custom design platform. It supports the physical implementation of analog, custom-digital, and mixed-signal designs at the device,...
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