345153545 - Computer-Aided Design of Analog Integrated...

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Computer-Aided Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems Edited by Rob A. Rutenbar Georges G. E. Gielen Brian A. Antao A Selected Reprint Volume IEEE Press iWILEY- INTERSCIENCE A JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC., PUBLICATION
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Contents Preface Acknowledgments Part I Introduction to Analog CAD Computer-Aided Design of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits Georges G. E. Gielgen and Rob A. Rutenbar Design of Mixed-Signal Systems-on-a-Chip Ken Kundert, Henry Chang, Dan Jejferies, Gilles Lamant, Enrico Malavasi, and Fred Sendig Part II Analog Synthesis IDAC: An Interactive Design Tool for Analog CMOS Circuits Marc G. R. Degrauwe, Olivier Nys, Evert Dijkstra, JefRijmenants, Serge Bitz, Bernard L. A. G. Goffart, Eric A. Vittoz, Stefan Cserveny, Christian Meixenberger, G. Van Der Stappen, and Henri J. Oguey OPASYN: A Compliler for CMOS Operational Amplifiers Han Young Koh, Carlo H. Sequin, and Paul R. Gray OASYS: A Framework for Analog Circuit Synthesis Ramesh Harjani, Rob A. Rutenbar, and L. Richard Carley Analog Circuit Design Optimization Based on Symbolic Simulation and Simulated Annealing Georges G. E. Gielen, Herman C. C. Walscharts, and Willy M. C. Sansen STAIC: An Interactive Framework for Synthesizing CMOS and BiCMOS Analog Circuits J. Paul Harvey, Mohamed I. Elmasry and Bosco Leung Integer Programming Based Topology Selection of Cell-Level Analog Circuits Prabir C. Maulik, L. Richard Carley, and Rob A. Rutenbar ARCHGEN: Automated Synthesis of Analog Systems Brian A. A. Antao and Arthur J. Brodersen DARWIN: CMOS Opamp Synthesis by Means of a Genetic Algorithm Wim Kruiskamp and Domine Leenaerts AMGIE: A Synthesis Environment for CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits Geert Van der Plas, Geert Debyser, Francky Leyn, Koen Lampaert, Jan Vandenbussche, Georges Gielen, and Willy Sansen A High-Level Design and Optimization Tool for Analog RF Receiver Front-Ends Jan Crols, Stephane Donnay, Michiel Steyaert, and Georges Gielen A Statistical Optimization-Based Approach for Automated Sizing of Analog Cells F. Medeiro, F. V. Fernandez, R. Dominguez-Castro, and A. Rodriguez-Vazquez Synthesis of High-Performance Analog Circuits in ASTRX/OBLX
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345153545 - Computer-Aided Design of Analog Integrated...

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