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Syllabus - Syllabus General Physics B PHY 2049C Summer 2010...

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Syllabus - General Physics B PHY 2049C, Summer 2010 Catalog Description: General Physics B (5). Prerequisite: PHY 2048C or 2048 with a grade of C- or better or consent of instructor. An introduction to electricity, magnetism and optics for physical science majors, designed to be taken as a sequence with General Physics A (PHY 2048C) and Intermediate Modern Physics (PHY 3101). ( Remember this entitles you to a Minor in Physics !) Calculus is used. PHY 2049C consists of lectures, recitations, and laboratory. You will need a copy of the text: Essential University Physics , Volume 2 by Richard Wolfson, Addison- Wesley publishers. (NOTE: In PHY 2048c you used Volume 1 of Wolfson, but you will need Volume 2 for PHY2049C) The Laboratory assignments are available for downloading from the LON-CAPA class web page, see the course schedule below. Professors associated with the course: Faculty Room Phone Office Hours Email Address Prof. D. Duke 617 Keen 644-0175 Mon 2-3 Wed 2-3 [email protected] Prof. Aferdita Dobi 318 Keen 644-6476 Mon 8-9 Wed 8-9 [email protected] TA's associated with the course: Name Email address Jorge Luis Barreda [email protected] Barnali Chowdhury [email protected] Robert Harris [email protected] Course enrollment: General Physics includes laboratory! The laboratory is an integral part of the course. To pass the course you must pass the lab. The five (5) credits PHY 2049C includes a Tuesday - Thursday lecture, a Monday - Wednesday tutorial section, and a laboratory.
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Class meetings: Tuesday and Thursday classes meet in 101 Richards (UPL) from 10:45 to 12 noon. These classes involve discussion, great demonstrations, exercises, and lectures designed to allow you to understand physical phenomena. There will be a short quiz at the end of each class answered using the PRS clicker system. Registers of students attending class will be noted. Read the designated text sections before class. All mini-exams will be given at the beginning of the Thursday classes (see schedule below). Monday and Wednesday tutorial or recitation classes meet as scheduled below. You may attend either of the listed recitation sections, regardless of the class section you are registered for. Your homework score is based on your solutions of your individualized problems. These classes are where you will hone your problem solving skills in physics and thus they act as an excellent preparation for the mini-exams. Attendance is strongly recommended. Homework is completed by inputting answers via the internet using the Computer Assisted Personalized Approach ( LON-CAPA ) system. All lon-capa homework is due in by midnight of the assigned day, no exceptions! The winning strategy is to attempt to work all the LON-CAPA problems before recitation class. Hopefully you can answer a good fraction of them correctly before class. Then your recitation class will help you understand what steps you were missing on the problems you had trouble with.
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