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Example of how to organize your notes

Example of how to organize your notes - Movement/Locomotion...

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Example of how to organize your notes – not complete, but a good start Phylum/Subphylum Platyhelminthes Class/Order Turbellaria Trematoda Cestoda Habitat/life cycle Free-living Endoparasitic Endoparasitic Body Organization Organ grade Acoelomate Organ Organ Organ Symmetry Bilateral Other Acoelomate Acoelomate Acoelomate Support/Skeleton Hydrostatic Mesoderm = mesenchyme
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Unformatted text preview: Movement/Locomotion Triploblastic Rhabdites Nervous System Cephalization (senses in anterior) Feeding/Digestion Blind Sac Gut Excretion Protonephridia (first basis of kidney function) Osmoregulation Circulation Diffusion Gas Exchange/Respiration Diffusion Reproduction/Life History Many hosts Development/Growth Hermaphroditic...
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