Features to compare across phyla

Features to compare across phyla - I suggest taking these...

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Taxon level: Phylum Subphylum Class Order (only for Insects) Habitat / Life style Support / Skeleton Movement / Locomotion Sensory / Nervous System Feeding / Digestion Excretion / Osmoregulation Transport / Circulation Gas Exchange / Respiration Life History Reproduction Development Lab Organisms: Dissected Unusual cases / Weird specimens Other Features Distinguishing Facts etc.
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Unformatted text preview: I suggest taking these titles and creating either a table in Word or a spreadsheet in Excel and comparing these features and topics across the phyla. The sooner you get your notes organized – and methodically stick to the method chosen to do so (flash cards, table, spreadsheet, rewriting your notes etc,) the easier it will be for you in this course....
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