Some General Phylum Features

Some General Phylum Features - and any sensory...

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Phylum Features For Lab Lecture 1 CLASSIFICATION: List the classes and any other classification (e.g. Subphylum, Subclass, Order) that you are responsible for knowing. 2 ORGANIZATION: At what level is the basic body plan organized? (e.g. cell, tissue, organ, etc.) 3 EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT: List the characteristics found during the formation of the blastula (e.g. triploblastic, deuterostome, etc.). 4 SYMMETRY: What type of symmetry is found in the basic body plan? (e.g. asymmetrical, radial. etc.) 5 SKELETON/SUPPORT: List the structures or ways this group of animals support themselves (e.g. hydrostatic skeleton, exoskeleton, etc.). 6 MOVEMENT/LOCOMOTION: What structures are used to help them move around their environment? (e.g. types of muscles, jointed legs, cilia, etc.). 7 SENSORY/NERVOUS: Describe the nervous system (i.e. ganglia, CNS, ventral nerve cord, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: and any sensory specializations found in the group (e.g. auricles, eyes, antennae, etc.). 8 DIGESTION/FEEDING: Describe the digestive process (e.g. incomplete and extracellular) and any specializations for feeding (e.g. cnidocytes, tentacles, etc.). 9 EXCRETORY/OSMOREGULATION: List how the group eliminates waste from their systems (e.g. diffusion, nephridia, Renette cells, Malpighian tubules etc.). 10 CIRCULATION: Describe the circulatory system (e.g. diffusion, open system, etc.). 11 RESPIRATION: Describe how the group respires (e.g. diffusion, book lungs, gills, etc.). 12 REPRODUCTION: Describe the types of reproduction that occur in the group (e.g. sexual vs. asexual) and any other characteristics or specializations they may have for reproducing (e.g. monoecious vs. dioecious, fission, budding, etc.). Original Design by Kenny Wray 2007...
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