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Exam2 Practice Exam Ans Key

Exam2 Practice Exam Ans Key - KEY Summer 2010 CHM...

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KEY Summer 2010 CHM 1046 !gg[99 Exam 2 June 25, 2010 Friday Total points; 100 Time: 60 minutes For TA,flnstructor's Use Only! t. t25 2. /25 3. /25 4. t25 Total = /100 Exam Instruclions: This EXAM conlains 4 questions. A pe odic is provided with this exsn All contlants, conveEionfaclo$ aad equolions rcquiredlor numeicsl cslculstiorc arc prctided b'here necessaf!. Shoh) all vour r"ork for numerical calculalions lo get lhe full credil. Do not forset to sive unit(ifthere is and with vour finql snsweh For explanqlions, il is expecte.l thal vou v,ill use a moximum of 20 t|ords tnd will give lhe kev poinM h'ords. Do not moke the explonalions longer than necessarv. Gradine Policv: For numerical calculations, 5096 points will be taken of.ffor wrong workand correcl answer orfor corect work and wrong answeL Youwill lose I point ifyou do not giye the ukit (dlherc is any) lo your.final answer. Partial credits might be given for certain answe$. Pqrtial credits (ifthere is any) will be explqined in the qnswer key posled onlihe alier the exam. Re-srading policv: Ifyou arc not satisfred with the grading ofyour exam, you are always welcome to rcquest.for re-gruding. But DO NOT WRITE/ CHANGE ANYTHING ON YOUR EXAM, Write down your name, email address and the number(s) ofquestion(s) which you y,'ant to be re-graded in a separ.rte piece ofpaper and altach il to the exam akd give it to your instructor in the class or drop it in his oflice (324D Dittner). Please turn over
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L a) A solution containing 27.55 mg of an unknown protein per 25,0 mL solution was found to have arl osmotic pressue of3.22 torl at 25 "C, What is the molar mass ofthe protein? [8 pts] [Equation: [ = MRT; number ofmoles mass / Molar mass; Data: R 0.082 L.atr/mol.K; 760 =l LO'ln( ton= I atm;1000mg= I gl rA= + .A25; \!,Y loooil nol/t t' _1 , 1,73X\otnol t'7s x1o-l n rmo\pa rF' prc,{ai^ ',,vr 25 O -L <o\n = \\ []o\an tnora -- 3'zzkz " ,tl _L atm " on2 L.f./*"W y e*zza) \ tV -1 - a,ae*1h ,^o\ . 7A _ z.T,:b rnl y J;;;;r_ 1 's a 7' 16-4 ^o\ /t = b5, bL A fmo\ b) Starch
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Exam2 Practice Exam Ans Key - KEY Summer 2010 CHM...

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