CHM1046 Exam2 Practice Exam

CHM1046 Exam2 Practice Exam - Summer 2010 CHM 1046 Practice...

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Summer 2010 CHM 1046 Practice Exam 2 June 25, 2010 Friday Total points: 100 Time: 60 minutes Name: …………………………………………………………………………… Sec #:………………. . Exam Instructions: This EXAM contains 4 questions. A periodic is provided with this exam. All constants, conversion factors and equations required for numerical calculations are provided where necessary. Show all your work for numerical calculations to get the full credit. Do not forget to give unit(if there is any) with your final answer. For explanations, it is expected that you will use a maximum of 20 words and will give the key points/ words. Do not make the explanations longer than necessary. Grading Policy: For numerical calculations, 50% points will be taken off for wrong work and correct answer or for correct work and wrong answer. You will lose 1 point if you do not give the unit (if there is any) to your final answer. Partial credits might be given for certain answers. Partial credits (if there is any) will be explained in the answer key posted online after the exam. Re-grading policy: If you are not satisfied with the grading of your exam, you are always welcome to request for re-grading. But DO NOT WRITE/ CHANGE ANYTHING ON YOUR EXAM . Write down your name, email address and the number(s) of question(s) which you want to be re-graded in a separate piece of paper and attach it to the exam and give it to your instructor in the class or drop it in his office (324D Dittmer). Please turn over 1 For TA/Instructor’s Use Only: 1. _____________/ 25 2. _____________/ 25 3. ____________/25 4. ___________ / 25 Total = ___________/100
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1. a) A solution containing 27.55 mg of an unknown protein per 25.0 mL solution was found to have an osmotic pressure of 3.22 torr at 25 ° C. What is the molar mass of the protein? [8 pts] [Equation: = MRT; number of moles = mass / Molar mass; Data: R = 0.082 L.atm/mol.K; 760 torr = 1 atm; 1000 mg = 1 g] b) Starch contains C – C, C – H, C – O and O – H bonds. Hydrocarbons have only C – C and C – H bonds. Both starch and hydrocarbons can form colloidal dispersions in water. Which dispersion is classified as hydrophobic? Explain your answer in maximum 20 words.
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CHM1046 Exam2 Practice Exam - Summer 2010 CHM 1046 Practice...

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