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PHY2053C syllabus - PHY2053C - College Physics A Department...

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PHY2053C - College Physics A Department of Physics, Florida State University Syllabus Professor: Dr. H. K. Ng Office: 416 Keen Phone: 644-4558 e-mail: Office hours : Tuesday 1:00-3:00 pm Welcome: We're happy to have you with us this semester. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of classical physics, which include motion (or mechanics), fluids, heat, sound, and thermodynamics. It explains physics in interesting manner that is clear and applicable. It shows to students how useful physics is in their own lives and future professions. This course uses algebra and trigonometry, not calculus. Prerequisites: MAC 1113 and MAC 1140 with grades of "C–" or better. Textbook: This course uses the Textbook: "College Physics" by Nicolas J. Giordano, Brooks/Cole Cengage ISBN-13: 978-0-534-42471-8 (hardcover, volume 1) Class Meetings: Each student is registered for four class meetings. Two lectures each week : Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in 101 Richards Building (UPL) from 11:00 am to 12:05 pm One recitation session each week : Thursday, in 101 HCB from 11:00 am to 12:05 pm One laboratory session : one day per week from 3 hours, Monday or Wednesday, depending on section you are registered for, in 105, 107 or 109 Richards Building (UPL). Notice that the registration process for this class requires that every student must be registered separately both for the lecture section and a lab section to be properly registered for in this course . Lectures: The lectures will primarily be used to present new course concepts, along with experimental demonstrations, and discussion of problem solving tools and examples. Lecture highlights will be posted on the course web page. These highlights will indicate the exact topic areas covered during lecture and which textbook sections they were drawn from. However, these highlights do not contain all the information and explanations which will be presented during the lectures. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to attend the lectures, since it is a demonstrated fact that there is a strong correlation between lecture attendance and student performance. During each lecture 2 to 3 questions will be presented where you will be expected to answer the questions via the Personal Response System (PRS). Thursday Recitation: The recitation session is on Thursday 11:00am-12:05 pm in 101 HCB. Recitation serves as a way for students to receive more help on solving problems.
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PHY2053C syllabus - PHY2053C - College Physics A Department...

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