Animal Diversity Midterm & Key A Spr09

Animal Diversity Midterm & Key A Spr09 - BSC 2011-L -...

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Midterm Lecture Exam – Form A Spring 2009 Name, please: _____________________________ Please select the single best choice to answer each of the following questions. 1. In one view of evolutionary relationships, jointed arthropod appendages are believed to have evolved from a marine annelid’s fleshy, paired appendages called _____. A. parapodia B. metameres C. pseudopodia D. apodemes E. setae 2. In arthropods, the predominant body cavity is called the _____. A. coelom B. pseudocoelom C. acoelom D. schizocoel E. hemocoel 3. The fusion of multiple, identical body segments into more specialized body regions is called _____. A. cleavage B. tagmosis C. ecdysis D. eutely E. mixis 4. Which of the following phyla is correctly matched with its type of symmetry? A. Cnidaria - bilateral symmetry B. Porifera - radial symmetry C. Platyhelminthes -bilateral symmetry D. Cnidaria - asymmetry E. Nematoda - radial symmetry 5. What is the function of a choanocyte? A. to collect and expel nitrogenous wastes B. to create water currents and trap food particles C. to regulate osmotic pressure and ion balance D. to produce gametes E. to produce spicules A. Oligochaeta B. Crustacea C. Tardigrada D. Nematomorpha E. Myriapoda 7. Which of the following is closely associated with metamerism? A. cephalization B. bilateral symmetry C. serial homology D. radial symmetry E. ecdysis 8. The functional equivalent of a crustacean apodeme would be a(n) _____. A. oligochaete seta B. annelid avicularium C. rotifer mastax D. chelicerate pedipalp E. polychaete aciculum 9. Which of the following pairs of terms reflects a CORRECT match? A. pseudocoelomate – Polychaeta B. pseudocoelomate – Chelicerata C. acoelomate - Trematoda D. coelomate – Hydrozoa E. acoelomate – Rotifera 10. Which class of sponges receive “skeletal” support from spicules as well as spongin fibers? A. the Calacarea B. the Scyphozoa C. the Spongeozoa D. the Demospongiae E. the Hexactinellida 11. Which is TRUE with respect to monoecious organisms? A. They are hermaphrodites B. They can produce either eggs or sperm 12. An extinct group of arthropods. A. Trilobita B. Eurypterida C. Merostomata D. choices A & B 13. Which of the following pair of terms is INCORRECTLY matched together? A. tapeworms: Cestoda
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Animal Diversity Midterm & Key A Spr09 - BSC 2011-L -...

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