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Lecture 1 April 1st The Origins of Eugenics

Lecture 1 April 1st The Origins of Eugenics - -Man...

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The Origins of Eugenics Eu- good Genic- genes Eugenic- “well born” Dys- bad, difficult Dysgenic- “badly born, not well born” Charles Darwin – created a theory that seemed to embody atheism—evolution He was an ardent abolitionist He traveled in the Beagle for five years traveling around the world, an economic trip Galapagos Islands Species getting isolating and evolving to different species He did not make the revelation of evolution on the Galapagos island rather when he returned back in England. He got data from his crew mates. French revolution – abolish everything that is bad, live in an utopia 1. People like to have sex 2. People have to eat Reasons why there won’t be an utopia There was always going to be a struggle for resources Survivor—“you’re the finch with the wrong type of beak”, explicit Darwinian imagery, getting voted off the island Artificial selection—breeding horses, how Darwin appealed to his readers for natural selection
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Unformatted text preview: -Man intervenes to select the good trait Francis Galton – has not scruples of the idea of human evolution He believed that one’s pedigree should be scored Galton’s Anthropometric Laboratory – test color sight, strength, test a whole bunch of physical attributes “Measure how well born you were” Eugenics was really appealing, he tried to reform what people’s morality was Galton was trying to “extinguish” the inferior race and replace them with a new noble race Improving the human species Very successful movement Survival of the fittest in human population, British conquering other nations – to prove one race is “fitter” than the other People in the eugenics movement were worried about the hospital because it was allowing the weak to survive....
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  • good Genic- genes, economic trip Galapagos, selection Man intervenes, new noble race, island Artificial selection

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