Lecture 6 April 13 Lobotomy

Lecture 6 April 13 Lobotomy - Freeman developed the...

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Walter Freeman Dr. Freeman—wanted to solve the problems of psychiatry Transorbital lobotomy – severing the frontal lobe? Houses for people that society wanted to forget Shockwave therapies worked for a while—reducing some of the symptoms People believed the mental illness resided in the frontal lobe Multiple operations for the surgery Many problems with the side effects During Freeman’s time, other doctors would not criticize one another publicly Freeman dismisses his casualties of his surgical intervention
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Unformatted text preview: Freeman developed the transorbital lobotomy, Henry Ford of Lobotomy. Might choose the latter even if there were side effects that might make the person never the same again Some surgeries did not work and would be deemed the untreatable and be placed in a ward He was like a crusader Lobotomy was deemed a gunshot to the brain Therapy or travesty What do we value in being human A new drug that imitated the same results as a lobotomy....
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