Lecture 8 Mental Fitness and Pyschocivlization

Lecture 8 Mental Fitness and Pyschocivlization - Dropped...

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Mental Fitness and Pyschocivlization CAT 3 IDOL Who is the most mentally fit? Frozen desire How does lobotomy look if you have no other treatment for mental illness? We have a huge array of psychiatric drugs in our society Lobotomy should have been seen had a good intention last resort – jack pressman People started to draw parallels with American society to the holocaust
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Unformatted text preview: Dropped American medicine to its knees Bedlam – a psychiatric hospital where the mentally ill are just “kept” “similar” to concentration camp Freeman – hoped he got medical immortality Egas Moniz – got Nobel prize for first lobotomy, pioneer for psychosurgery Thorazine – chemical lobotomy...
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