Lecture 9 End of ESB

Lecture 9 End of ESB - informed consent requirement...

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Brain Control in the Dock When brain control started to get radically question. When they started to seem problamatic procedures and mental illness. Anti psychiatry movement. Bioethics revolution Power of doctors was taken away and given to patients basically seen in senate hearings Delgado ‘pscyhocivilzation’ Something sacred is being tinkered with. – Delgado There is no contradiction really between religious and secular standpoint that there is something about the importance that we attached to the brain from either stand point that somehow worked Delgados seems to infringe on something. People were very afraid, did engender historical headlines. Somewhat disappeared Its experimental, and still is. Before brain scanning techniques. Cutting brains out. Idea of playing God. Optimism of science – power and control Doing this to people without consent?
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Unformatted text preview: informed consent requirement Informed consent revolution because of the series of scandals. Thalidomidedeveloped by a German compound, making chemicals, tinkering around with them, a mild sedative effect, couldnt overdose on this stuff. Pharmcetuical stuff pills for everything Promotoed it as a very safe drug found to effective in treating morning sickness Morning sickness during pregancy --- holy shit!! The baby, morning sickness to get toxics out of your body so to not harm the baby, better make sure the drug doesnt pass the placenta Thamolide caused severe birth defects The drug company knew about it and tried to suppress it. Doctors giving experimental samples of Thalidomide without telling them to patients. 1972 medicine looked nazi Rights and wrong of psychosurgery and electrical control of the brain....
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Lecture 9 End of ESB - informed consent requirement...

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