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Lecture 10 The anti psychiatry movement

Lecture 10 The anti psychiatry movement - Prompt and...

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The Anti-psychiatry movement In poetry, film and fiction Stir people’s imagination – artistic representation important for this theme Purpose and power of art—expression of emotion 1950 – cultural irony was the conformism required of the anti-totalitarian citizen Irony was that there was some conformity in the free world Narrows roles were prescribed – good consumer and loyal citizens of the free world Nurture the future citizens of a liberal state Women and men were shore-horned back into sexual dimorphism reminiscent of the 1860
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Unformatted text preview: Prompt and sustained relief from severe mental and emotional stress A pill for alcoholism Thorazine – symbol of American conformity and had several side –effects ( zombie like) Artist were at the forefront of cultural resistance to these roles A cuckoo’s Nest, “The Bell Jar” gives us a truth of what is going on Allen Ginsberg- Howl for Carl Solomon, tragedy of her mother Got caught for a felony and struck a bargain to go to a psychiatric institution Basically invented a whole new diction for poetry...
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