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Lecture 11 Revival of ESB

Lecture 11 Revival of ESB - of violence MKULTRA – wide...

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Revival of ESB Welcome to meta-agonistic Friday Meta from the Greek – after, beside, with Has come to signify discourse ‘about’ the thing that is qualifies Metacongnition – can be defined as thinking about thinking Meta-agonistic – thinking about competition, instead of actually engaging in it Thinking about last Friday Selected already elitist people – prove that one is part of the elitist group Peter Breggin testifies “Jose Delgado . . ridicules the basic American values: Love of the individual, love of liberty, personal responsibility, and the spiritual nature of man … This totalitarian asks for social control, including social control of the individual, at the expense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” Robert Heath – one that testified in the hearing—electro stimulation of the brain, curing homosexuality by stimulating the brain, stimulating the brain, stimulating pleasure in a homosexual with heterosexual images, Erwin and Mark – Violence and the Brain, endless controversy, exploring the neurological basis
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Unformatted text preview: of violence, MKULTRA – wide range of mid control techniques, experimenting with drugs like LSD ESB PET scanner, brain scanning techniques, a bit invasive as one has to inject radioactive stuff into someone to see it MRI, fMRI, oxygen level in the brain, fine image of the brain Medtronic – heart brain—Parkinson’s , stimulation of the brain The seizure girl was appalled by the Delgado articles that it was going on during that time, that it was experimental Medtronic, treating OCD Matthew Nagle—paralyzed after being stabbed, he could control a robotic arm and move the cursor of a mouse by using the brain Treating the attacker treating the victim The Six Million dollar Man Bionic Woman Motor part of the brain is only thing that is well understood Cyber-optimism Mortality chip Cyber-agonism Its obligatory – must give to our children to secure them the best “education”...
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Lecture 11 Revival of ESB - of violence MKULTRA – wide...

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