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35:18 Over half of the GMO grown and eaten are in the US. We have been the most accommodated to this new technology. The question is why and is this a good thing? There is no labeling in GMF in this country. You used to be grow GMF organically and label it as organic. Consumer choice, we are not informed. GMOs because of the advantage they have, have the potential to marginalize other kind of producers. Tendency for technological fix. The power to change this technology comes from the consumer. Frito Lays and Pepsi Co. have refused to use GMO
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Unformatted text preview: products, consumer product company so they were responding to consumer concerns. You let the market determine its own regulation. Mexico banned the growing of GM corn in 1998 because corn is part of its culture. They have just reversed this and drawing up agreements of GMO in Mexico on the grounds its safe. 49:32 Critics argue that science is corrupted. GMO supporters charge that the critics are anti-capitalistic extremist who won’t be swayed by any amount of scientific evidence....
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