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April 1_ Galton_Marks for Family Merit

April 1_ Galton_Marks for Family Merit - appreciating...

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Marks for Family Merit, Francis Galton Marks for Family Merit Thesis: Galton is trying to argue that the human pedigree is often ignored, when it actually holds pertinent information. Why: It is the religious and social duty to better the human race. ( somewhere on page 336) Galton’s idea is positive eugenics where bad people don’t procreate. Objections first would be sentimental but would be soon found to be of no real importance A concern of eugenics is about the youths. What will they be like in the future? Thus ancestral history is important. Child of a healthy, long lived family is better than a child of a crappy, short lived family. In search of a wife: “ to take one out of a bunch of sister.” The sister grew up in a nurturing environment so should be would a good wife. By revealing the importance of family merit, it would have a snowball effect of people
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Unformatted text preview: appreciating eugenics. Endowment, bequeaths, breeding racing horses Man of high status would not want to marry one of lower status Society is just part of a big universal system. Evolution and what not, man should see himself as a freeman With the theory of evolution, man has to form a new sense of morals, responsibility, and opportunity. He believed that a scheme of 'marks' for family merit should be defined, and early marriage between families of high rank be encouraged by provision of monetary incentives. He pointed out some of the tendencies in British society, such as the late marriages of eminent people, and the paucity of their children, which he thought were dysgenic. He advocated encouraging eugenic marriages by supplying able couples with incentives to have children....
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