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April 3_Popenoe_Applied Eugenics

April 3_Popenoe_Applied Eugenics - Applied Eugenics by...

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Applied Eugenics by Paul Popenoe Methods of Restriction The author is providing practices for negative eugenics. He describes this to give insight of the ideals of eugenics and how some common practices, such as the banning of consanguineous, is not always detrimental and could be beneficial to the human society. Two means of restriction – coercive and non-coercive Coercive – execution, Castration, sterilization – this is the non-coercive mean? Sterilization for preventing the reproduction of offspring that like likely be detrimental to the human race Sterilization have desired eugenic effects but deplorable euthenic effect ( human well-being) “People of this sort should be humanely isolated, so that they will be brought into competition only with their own kind; and they should be kept so segregated, not only until they have passed the reproductive age, but until death brings them relief from their misfortunes.” Holy shit
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  • Spring '09
  • Knight
  • Compulsory sterilization, Restrictive eugenics Sterilization, eugenic effects, eugenic instrument, eugenic measure

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