April 15 Delgado

April 15 Delgado - Methodology for Direct Communication...

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Methodology for Direct Communication with the Brain Thesis: Stimulating the brain is an important way of studying the brain. Changes in the brain stimulate the functions so electrodes are a good way to study this. Why: Help “mental” patients, for science? This was more just of a report. However it seemed more humane to me than the Freeman article. Interesting: “In a few cases in which contacts were located in pleasurable areas, patients have had the opportunity to stimulate their own brains by pressing the button of a portable instrument, and this procedure is reported to have therapeutic benefits.” 88 Nervous system being reached through sensory receptors Directing the functions of the brain artificially? First test animals for diagnosis and therapy If sedated too much free behavior would be absent which must not overlook the complexity of the brain Implanting wires within the brain of anesthetized cat Implantation of electrodes causes local hemorrhages but is neglible that it does not produce any detectable deficit in the brain Monkeys have had electrodes in their heads for over four years and are healthy Monkeys and apes more appropriate subjects than rats because of the complex activities Proposing that it is possible to locate the source of the epileptic discharges and remove it surgery has to be brief to avoid prolongation of surgery “Experience has confirmed the safety and usefulness of long-term implanation of electrodes in man” pg 87 “Some women have shown their feminine adaptability to circumstances by wearing attractive hats or wigs
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April 15 Delgado - Methodology for Direct Communication...

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