April 24 Martin Mind Control

April 24 Martin Mind Control - Nagles brain has assimilated...

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Mind Control Matt Nagle – C4 quadriplegic, paralyzed from neck down in a stab yet he is able to play ping pong with his thoughts alone Drawing a circle – classic test of motor function, a species marker Only in the past 20 years have researchers learned how to listen in or alter brain waves “You can treat me like a lab rat, do whatever. I want this done as soon as possible.” 150 “Could Nagle’s brain still produce usable signals? 151
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Unformatted text preview: Nagles brain has assimilated the system. The cursor is as much a part of his self as his arms and legs were. 152 The mammalian brain could assimilate a device a machine 153 Monkey Theres talk of using BCIs to stifle antisocial tendencies and program acceptable behavior. 154 Rejecting or accepting the implant...
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