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Commentary Feb 11 Regulation

Commentary Feb 11 Regulation - society Just like during the...

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William Lu James Tracey February 9, 2009 This piece is quite similar to prior’s reading as it talked about the implications of science to society and how the legislative system needs to be reformed. Before the court had to only worry about tort litigations that were pretty much straightforward and done so much that it was pretty much methodological but now unprecedented variables have come into play, mainly that of mass toxic tort litigations where it is harder to ascertain who, what, when, where and why. Just like DDT, Agent Orange was considered a scientific breakthrough as it was an embodiment of the power of science later becoming an embodiment of the damage science could do to the environment. During the process when Agent Orange was starting to get known, the VA denied the Agent Orange was toxic, but VA should not be blamed as they are merely products of our
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Unformatted text preview: society. Just like during the period of Darwinism, people did not accept it but now it is immerse into our society. With how the legal system works it seems that people could fake injuries due to a product and sue the makers as it promotes the exploitation of it. I sympathize with the Vietnam veterans as not only did they have to face the trauma of a war but they were smothered in ridicule making it worse for them. Along with Agent Orange making their future bleak, it seems fair that they get some collateral but how much should they get it? Will it ever be enough? If only we had known what were the consequences they would have never suffered but we simply can’t change the past. What done is done. As Agent Orange, DDT, and global warming shaped our society how will society fare when new “safe” products of science are presented?...
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