Commentary Feb 18 Genetic Engineering

Commentary Feb 18 Genetic Engineering - there is a need of...

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William Lu James Tracey February 18, 2009 Genetic engineering is integrated in the system of tort litigation. In a society that is obsessed with risk it makes it hard for science to advance. But if there were no regulations then there would be disastrous implications. There needs to be a middle ground between regulation and science. Judges reanalyzing biotechnology do not have the scientific expertise therefore there should be a judge with some knowledge of science. Courts are limiting the advancement of this science. Who knows what society would be like if scientists were allowed to test their experiments. But
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Unformatted text preview: there is a need of caution as a genetic disaster might come about. Scientists are convinced that some of their experiments are safe and would not cause harm yet judges still rule against them. This falls under how judges interpret the material and how scientists interpret the court system. Both parties are becoming increasingly frustrated with each other that maybe the US should examine how other countries regulate their science research....
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