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William Lu James Tracey February 27, 2009 When fingerprinting was discovered, it was highly held as irrefutable proof that would be enough to incriminate. Still being used, one would think that DNA typing would be readily accepted however the legal process changed as does society. To some DNA typing does not refer as a science because it does not follow the scientific method, which is nonsense. It applies what science has founded. The computer that we use is due to science and do we not call this a
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Unformatted text preview: scientific/technological advancement? It is quite dumbfounding that DNA typing is not accepted. If it was discovered in the same era as fingerprinting, it would become quite the standard for forensics. Fingerprinting should be put into question. Now that fingerprinting is quite common, people have discovered exploits. It is easy to frame someone using their fingerprints which call for the credibility of this technique....
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