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Commentary Jan 8 - how conventions stay alive just like how...

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William Lu What I see from Descartes is that he is like any other person in the world, trying to improve his mind. But what exactly is the trend that he is so unhappy about? He surmises that an individual effort is better than a group effort. He just says that something is better because it was done individually which might be true for certain aspects of life but extremely dangerous for many aspects. If a law was done by a single individual that person could not possibly consider all the implications of the law thus a group effort is necessary. I noticed that his four rules were what were needed for computer programming. Descartes is a very intelligent man for he knows
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Unformatted text preview: how conventions stay alive, just like how Aristotle’s conventions went on for over 2,000 years. He works around his nation’s traditions to win people over. His proof of God seems through logic and geometry seems frivolous but is imperative for his conventions to be accepted by the church and thus by the people. Wow, what the heck was “The New Atlantis” by Francis Bacon. In the beginning it started fine then it rambled on and on. It was just like a list of stuff that I don’t remember clearly thus by the time I finished reading it I had no idea what the point of this article was....
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