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Commentary March 2 Psychology

Commentary March 2 Psychology - and one asked “How fast...

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William Lu James Tracey March 2, 2009 Science is an integral part of our society and cannot be ignored in the court room. Psychology is deemed by many as scientific yet it was strongly opposed in the case of Richard Ivens, in which the court mocked Munsterberg for his intervention. However, one cannot blame the court denies it because the town is agitated and desperate for a goat. Their reaction is similar to that of the Scopes’ trial on evolution. The thorough background on Munsterberg was very helpful in understanding that he was extremely bright, leading psychology. Psychology should be put in the testimony as the mind a person can perceive things differently. In experiments, “subjects were shown pictures or introduced into a simulated event and were subsequently asked to recall the details through different forms of questioning in a variety of suggestive contexts.” Not in the book, was an experiment in which a group watched short film of a car crash. Later the group was split into two
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Unformatted text preview: and one asked “How fast did the car smash into the other?” and the other group was asked “How fast did the car bump into the other?” The “smash” group had variably larger numbers than the “bump” group. This shows that context plays an important role in testimonies. Wigmore who was stubborn, if I read correctly, about psychology, came to realize that psychology should be synthesized with the current court system. This, what many worry about, can lead to the court system of only machines. However, in the court case of Frye, the lie detector should hold some value as it holds scientific value. Other court cases used scientific evidence regarding a drop a blood so the same should be said to the mind. The view of a court case ran by machines is the similar situation in Gattaca with genetic coding. However, with the ethics of our society, it would be hard to imagine a situation like this....
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