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Notes Feb 11 mass litigation

Notes Feb 11 mass litigation - Science is becoming more and...

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Science is becoming more and more crucial in society A lot of the new science is uncertain—more and more involved Used to separate science from politics and etc in order to keep the objectivity of it Bottom up regulation- tort litigation, if a citizen got hurt by any technological mishap can “have is day in court” - E.g. Agent Orange Judges can’t second guess the technical expertise of scientists In Europe decisions are made by political and scientific people behind the public, rather than in US 1900’s city side- insecticides, toxic preservatives, lead chromate, food adulteration, Countryside- fatal diseases, axes, mules, etc bleh What is changing is our expectation . We want the materials that we use to be regulated. Asbestos- induce cancer first, before Agent Orange – company knew the harm of it 30 years before it was played upon on Breast implants, Des, Vidox- pain killer, we’re increasingly the use of scientific products that one glitch can affect a great deal of people
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