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notes life or death feb 23

notes life or death feb 23 - same thing with the fetus wow...

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Science change as society changes. Scientists are human beings moral views Intertwining of politics and science More and more dependent on experts, experts become less objective How you came in and out of the world is less intimate now, now in factories, hospitals NO CONTORL OMG!! Doctors calling shots about everything then patients get to make decisions Emmmbrrryoooo 30 years fetus played no role in abortion, about religious views Earth is limited, vulnerable, b/c we can see it
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Unformatted text preview: same thing with the fetus wow political rights !!! an equal to its mother!!! When is the baby too ill to be worth saving? Parentship to be biological now not San fracisio sue the state for prop 22 on accounts for our constitution discrimination based on gender, 2004 over turn 2005 over turn 2006 over turn 2008 over turn supreme court November 4 2008, overturn prop 8\ Create families in a varieties of way Women’s right? Abortion, dangerous...
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