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notes march 4 photography

notes march 4 photography - They don’t want to make a new...

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Visual- heart of the society, tv, movies, How should we treat it Schiavo, parents showed a video of her Power of visual presentation Ct scan of schiavo Popular/expert image Good lawyer: able to persuade, good language skills How would you treat this Talking about the transformation of the legal process Cameras, deterministic, “highest form of evidence” Pictures are extremely dangerous form of evidence Very manipulative Dangerous because camera is so seemly objective Illustrative evidence doctrine- photos just another form of visual argument Tricks that courts use- legal fiction Courts invented the past for photography in order to say it’s not new because legal environment to be clear, must know chances for winning, what they should expect, Technology and legal practices that take care of it Try to analogize it to something that already exists
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Unformatted text preview: They don’t want to make a new system of litigation Man made visual need a human confirmation Photography was treated the same way which was the same point, so courts now know what to do, need to qualify it, get a eye witness, bleh yes this a true representation of the picture Courts pretend that photographs are like other things, courts do the same practices Courts were protecting the legal proceeding from the threat of human machines Legal system is apprehensive about technology 20 th century system becoming for technological They want to protect the eye witness as the most important evidence Camera threatened this Photography is 2 nd rated in the court room, need a person to verify it Machines can’t speak for themselves, only illustrate...
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