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Electronic Commerce, 7th Edition Solutions 8-1 Electronic Commerce, 7th Edition 14188-37032 Chapter 8 Solutions Review Questions 1. Compare the two- and three-tier Web client/server architectures and indicate the role of each tier in each architecture. Which architecture is the most likely candidate for an electronic commerce site? Explain why in about 100 words. Answer: Responses may vary, but if there is a database or additional processing or structure needed, then a 3-tier is the best choice. If a basic e-commerce site is wanted, a 2-tier is called for. Most students should choose the 3-tier, however, as it provides the most flexibility with e-commerce. 2. Describe and briefly discuss two important measures of a Web site’s performance. Answer: Two possible answers are the connection speed (T1 line vs. T3 line) and the number of users that the system can satisfy at any one time. 3. Beginning with the links provided in the Online Companion, locate more information about two of the three Web servers discussed in the chapter: Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Sun JSWS. Write approximately 250 words about each of the two servers you choose. Include descriptions of six features for each Web server and indicate the computer platforms and operating systems on which each runs. Answer: Responses may vary, but should include the operating systems that will work on each server, who is using the server, what will work on each server and what will not, and how easily scalable and configurable each server is. 4. In one paragraph, outline the main differences between a desktop PC and a computer that would be suitable as a Web server for a small Web site. Answer: Responses will vary, but should include sizes of the hard drive, memory, and processor speed. 5. Using the Web or your school library, find articles that discuss the types of server hardware used by at least one electronic commerce site. Outline that site’s architecture and approach to server hardware and software in an essay
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Electronic Commerce, 7th Edition Solutions 8-2 of about 300 words. Answer:
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14188-37032_Ch08_Solutions - Electronic Commerce, 7th...

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