Travel expenses, home office

Travel expenses, home office - condition of enrollment or...

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Shenita Book Accounting 105 Kevin Veneskey 20 September 2009 Chapter 9 Travel expenses, home office 1.A. Both Jon and Mary are self-employed. The schedule c and FORM 2106 for John show what is allowable classified deductions for his AGI and are reported on the schedule c (Profit or Loss from Business) of the 1040. the FORM 2106 show the expenses of employees business expenses which are deductions for his AGI. The FORM 2106 that Mary got show her employee business expenses. B. The possible reason for no form 2106 for 2009 is they possibility have no business expenses to write off for the year. 17 A. Education that qualifies a taxpayer for a new field is not deductible. B. Deduction that is used if the taxpayer does not itemize. C. The student activity fee is a qualified education expense since it is a
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Unformatted text preview: condition of enrollment or attendance. D. The taxpayer can claim up to 2,000 credit available for all years of courses to acquire or improve job skills available for an unlimited number of years. E. The deduction is unavailable if the taxpayer MAGI exceeds 65,000 for a single person. F. The deduction for AGI classification avoids the 2% of AGI floor on miscellaneous itemized deductions G. The taxpayer may claim the credit for other eligible dependents for whom the dependency exemption is allowed and is an eligible student. H You cannot claim a tuition deduction if you filing status is married filing separately. 28. The cutback rule and its limitations on what is covered and the not covered issues should impact Kims choice....
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Travel expenses, home office - condition of enrollment or...

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