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Book 1 Desktop Publishing Desktop Publishing software allows you to produce publications such as newsletters, brochures, business cards, or restaurant menus. Before DTP software, producing these types of publications was complex and time consuming. A graphic designer would determine the best design, and a typesetter would use special equipment to cast the design into type. Finally, the pages would be sent out for filming and printing. DTP software combines the processes of design, typesetting, filming, and printing into one task controlled by one person on a personal computer. It includes features to incorporate design, typesetting, and arrangement of artwork on pages ready for the printer. For example, the chart at the end of this document was created with other software and pasted into this document. Many capabilities that were once the exclusive domain of DTP are now found in the major
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Unformatted text preview: word processing software. For many simple publishing jobs, you don`t need DTP software. The opposite is also true. Many word processing features such as search and replace can be found in DTP software. Desktop publishing requires computer equipment capable of handling intense graphics. Monitors today are capable of showing 16.8 million colors. 1 This gives a large choice for producing colorful publications. 1 J.J. Williams, ‘’Review of Monitors for Desktop Publishing,’’ The Desktop Publisher, March 1994, 23-25. Book 2 This page contains a chart created in Excel 2007. You are able to copy text and graphics from different applications with many DTP tools. In using Microsoft`s Office 2007 suite, the sharing of data between programs is one of the product`s major strengths....
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Shenita BookFinalCIS101Word - word processing software For...

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