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UCLA 129 summer 2010


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INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOANALYSIS Psychology 129B, Summer A Daniel Kupper, PhD Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry BPDI The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 310-441-5537; [email protected] TA: Joe Trombello MW: Reading Freud and Psychoanalysis WW Meissner Immaterial Facts Robert Caper Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis Peter Fonagy FREUD JUNE 21 Introduction, Trauma and It’s Secrets reading for next class: Meissner 1-8, 45-71; Caper 25-31 June 23 Wishes, Dreams, Symptoms reading: Meissner 73-91, 97-99, 102-112, 143-152; Caper 63-66 June 28 Desire and Danger reading: Meissner 153-177, 180-186 July 30 Freud s Final Model of the Mind July 5 Holiday July 7 Exam I reading: Caper 90-110 (twice) OBJECT RELATIONS THEORY July 12 Melanie Klein s Good Witch/Bad Witch reading: Caper 111-122, 134-140 July 14 Klein cont.---Depressive States, Manic Defenses reading: Caper 134-140; Fonagy 5-46 July 19 Klein cont.---Envy; Sir John Bowlby-- Attachment is Everything reading: Fonagy 47-52, 81-90
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July 21 Attachment Findings reading: Fonagy 164-179
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