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Discussion 4-02 - Self-awareness • We cannot rely on...

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19:11 Due Paper: turnitin.com  Mental Representations and processes Mental Representation-  image or idea that relates to something in the real  world. Table is represented in the mind, because you have the concept and  feeling of table.   Hypothetical idea or image  Na ï ve realism-  see things as they really are.  Seeing something that is not in the reality.  Perception is one kind of mental representation Relating to something in the real world= Mental Representations  Constructiverealism-  reality in out brain is constructed in our own brain.  That is not a pipe. Everything you see is a representation of the world.  Processes:  creation, storage, retrieval, use for action, transformation 
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Unformatted text preview: Self-awareness • We cannot rely on behavior to explain the pigeon’s “self-awareness” as conditioned response. History • Titchener: Wundt’s Student • School of thought: Structuralism- a view that the mind can be understood as composed of separate structures, or parts • Selected Methodology: Introspection • School of thought: Functionalism o Why of experience o James • Selected methodology: reasoning about he adaptive significance of various processes School of thought: Behaviorism • Selected methodologies: Manipulations to see effects on observable behaviors. • Cognitive Revolution: Transcendental method. INFERENCES to the unobservable. Cognitive research 19:11 19:11...
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