Discussion 4-09

Discussion 4-09 - iii. Relaxes the requirement of the...

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1. Paper Assignment a. Due Monday April 19 th at 11:59pm b. Use Turnitin.com ONLY c. Instructions on Blackboard d. 2 page paper. Not required to write references. 2. Object Recognition a. How do we do this? i. Input leads to the output ii. A single object could generate an infinite number of different stimuli (retinal stimulation) b. Perceptual Constancies i. The same object generates different retinal stimulations under different circumstances ii. We can effortlessly recognize what the object is under different conditions. iii. Different lighting but still has color constancy. iv. Shape constancy when viewpoint changes. Still perceive the same idea. 3. Experiment a. Template matching theory i. Long term memory ii. Short term memory iii. Different recognition result/ pick the template that is best matched. b. Template matching + transformation i. Translation, rotations, and scaling ii. We do not have to have many templates.
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Relaxes the requirement of the number of templates iv. Ability to transform object. v. Problem: chicken and egg? vi. Why it works and why it does not work? c. Some parts are more important than other parts. d. Structural descriptions i. We recognize objects by components ii. Features and form a list of features. iii. Family of theories e. Biedermans Recognition-by- components theory i. Geons: Parts are volumes ii. generalized cylinder iii. Relations are spatial and approximate iv. Problem: Recognizing colors within structures. f. Some people are only able to recognize the whole but not the parts g. Some people are only able to recognize the parts and not the whole. h. Face recognition is very special. INVERSION EFFECT: Not very prominent for other object, only for FACES i. Rely on holistic processing. j. We are all face experts....
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Discussion 4-09 - iii. Relaxes the requirement of the...

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