Syllabus for 137C - 2010

Syllabus for 137C - 2010 - Psychology 137C Spring, 2010...

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Psychology 137C Spring, 2010 Intimate Relationships Meeting Times : Wednesdays and Fridays, 3:00-4:15pm Meeting Location : WGYoung CS50 Professor : Dr. Benjamin R. Karney Office : Franz Hall 4560 E-mail : Office Hours : Teaching Assistant : Natalie Castriotta Office : Franz Hall A-243C E-mail : Office Hours : Overview Intimate relationships are a human universal. Moreover, there is consensus around the globe about what successful intimacy entails: we all want to be loved, supported, and cared for by partners we hold in high esteem. But if everyone wants the same things, why are intimate relationships nevertheless so difficult to form and maintain? Over the ten weeks of this course, we will pursue this question pretty single-mindedly, adopting a range of perspectives to understand how it is that intimate relationships develop, thrive, or deteriorate over time. Required Texts Bradbury, T. N. & Karney, B. R. (2010). Intimate Relationships . New York: W.W. Norton. Risman, Barbara J. (2010). Families As They Really Are . New York: W. W. Norton. Both required texts are being sold at the UCLA Bookstore as a bundle – for the price of one new copy of the Intimate Relationships text, the second book is included free . Copies of both texts will also be held on reserve at Powell Library. Course Requirements The material of this course will be presented through assigned reading, online videos, lectures, a short paper, and exams. All are designed to combine for the fullest experience of this course. Here’s some more detail about each of these. Reading : For each week, there is required reading from the Intimate Relationships text. Do the assigned reading. This is the main way to understand the material of this course. The reading associated with each week of lectures is described in this syllabus. You are advised to have the readings done before the lectures for that week. You are responsible for all of the material in the text, even if it is never discussed in class. Videos : You will be happy to know that we have a DVD to accompany this course. It consists of 13 segments, and each is about 10 minutes long. These segments are awesome, and feature students and researchers talking about relationships. This is high quality stuff, and you will want to watch all of them. You are responsible for the material in these segments . The syllabus lets you know when you should pay attention to each clip, and the textbook previews each one as well. The clips are available online at: Lectures : Attend these. The purpose of the lectures is to amplify, explain, demonstrate, and expand on the material in the text. Naturally, there will be some overlap between the text and the
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Psychology 137C Spring, 2010 lectures, but there will be a substantial amount of material that is unique to each. The lectures will assume that you have already done the reading for the week, so your understanding of each lecture will be
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Syllabus for 137C - 2010 - Psychology 137C Spring, 2010...

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