Wk. 7, Lect. 1 - Beliefs and Values

Wk. 7, Lect. 1 - Beliefs and Values - Psychology 137C...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 137C: Intimate Relationships Beliefs & Values Week 7, Lecture 1: REMINDERS: The papers are due one week from today. Must be turned in here in class we will not accept email attachments or papers dropped in our mailboxes. Why Study Cognition in Relationships? Behavioral research assumes that behaviors have inherent meanings. In fact, behaviors are ambiguous. The Annie Hall example. Meaning in relationships comes partly from the behavior, and partly from how we interpret it. Revisiting the Intimacy Process Model From Reis & Patrick, 1996, p. 537 What do we know about our Intimate Relationships? Three levels of relationship knowledge (Fletcher, 2002): General beliefs and values re: social behavior "Look out for #1" "Love conquers all." General beliefs and values re: relationships Specific beliefs and values re: one particular intimate relationship What functions does this knowledge serve? Theories help us to navigate our complex social worlds in three ways: Understand and explain the world around us Anticipate and predict what will happen Control and regulate our behavior The connection between these last two levels proves to be particularly important. The Ideal Standards Model How do we know if we are in a good or bad relationship? We compare what we perceive we have in the relationship with preexisting beliefs and values. Comparison levels return! If I get more than I expect, I will be happy If I get less than I expect, I will be less happy. Fletcher and Kininmonth (1992) When sex is important, correlates with satisfaction at .48. When sex is not important, correlates with satisfaction at . Common `Dysfunctional' Beliefs (Eidelson & Epstein, 1982) Disagreement is Destructive Mindreading is Expected Sex must be Perfect Men and Women are Basically Different Which statement do you agree with more? Implicit Theories of Relationships "Relationships that do not start off well will fail." "People can change the way they act." How much are your perceptions of your partner's personality linked to your satisfaction? How much is initial satisfaction linked to relationship longevity? Perceptual Confirmation Our expectations affect our perceptions We tend to see what we expect to see. The effects of rejection sensitivity The effects of lowselfesteem Behavioral Confirmation Our expectations affect our behavior The selffulfilling prophecy How do we interact with people we think are attractive? The social problems of the depressed High Standards or Lower Expectations: Which is Better? The argument for higher standards The argument for lowered expectations Resolution: McNulty & Karney (2004) Expectancies Interact with Behavior! 0 -0.1 -0.2 -0.3 -0.4 -0.5 -0.6 -0.7 -0.8 less negative behavior more negative behavior more positive expectancies less positive expectancies ...
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