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Dolores Huerta s erved a key role in the early years of farm worker organizing. In the 1970s Huerta headed up the farm workers' union's political arm and helped lobby for legislative protections. Sellars makes the point that Dolores could achieve something so great for the planet without any money or protection because she was passionate about her cause. Personally, I have become passionate and involved in bringing about the right to a quality education. Like many students in my neighborhood of East Los Angeles, inequality in education is a stark reality. Children are dropping out at an increasing rate
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Unformatted text preview: because they do not see the use in education. The only reason I am standing here is because I got lucky. A teacher motivated me to achieve more and not strive for mediocrity. However, there are many students that do not have the same luck. I am currently involved in efforts to inform students and parents about all the opportunities and paths to go to college. Hopefully I will achieve more in the future and take part in improving a system that is broken....
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