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EECE 416/501 Project 6 Due 11/24/2009 Fall 2009 5 Transistor OTA 11/12/2009 1/3 This project is to be completed in groups of 2. Academic Honesty Policy All students must adhere to the Student Academic Honesty Code of the University and the Watson School. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has adopted a standard policy to enforce these codes for course work violations. Category I violations result in a grade of 0 for the graded work plus a full letter grade reduction for the course. A Report of Category I Academic Dishonesty form is filed with the Provost's Office; if a prior report is already on file, the offense is automatically elevated to Category II. Category II violations result in at least a failing grade for the course plus any additional penalties determined by the Watson Academic Integrity Committee. Goal and General Description The purpose of this project is to explore the design of a simple 5 transistor (5T) OTA. As part of this project, you will choose initial transistor sizes based upon hand calculations. You will then simulate your design to compare its performance to the given specifications. Finally, you will generate physical layout and analyze the area requirements. Procedure For this project use the parameter tables found in project 4 for all hand calculations. You are to design a 5T OTA with an open-loop gain of 1000 and a bias current of no more than 10 μA. It is highly recommended that you create a separate schematic with an instance of your amplifier and the necessary test structures (DC voltages, currents, etc) for the simulation exercises. Hand Calculations
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p6 - EECE 416/501 Fall 2009 Project 6 5 Transistor OTA This...

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