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q08 - EECE 416/501 Fall 2009 Name éfl/Hjéflfl This...

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Unformatted text preview: / EECE 416/501, Fall 2009 Name: éfl/Hjéflfl This quiz is to be completed individually, but you may use your notes. All students must adhere to the Student Academic Honesty Code of the University and the Watson . School. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has adopted a standard policy to Academic enforce these codes for violations involving course work. Category I violations result in a grade of 0 Honesty for the graded work plus a full letter grade reduction for the course. A Report of Category I Academic Policy Dishonesty form is filed with the Provost’s Office; if a prior report is already on file, the offense is automatically elevated to Category II. Category II violations result in at least a failing grade for the course plus any additional penalties determined by the Watson Academic Integrity Committee. common UT = 25 mV _ ————_ v = zoo V vs = 0.2V ——— “———— 1. Given the current mirror circuit below, determine the bias current (Ib) and the missing values (I and W/ L) of the second and third output transistors. 3.3 V November 3, 2009 Random Quiz 8 ‘ 1/1 ...
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