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EE 315 DESIGN PROJECT FALL 2004 LAB SCHEDULE : There will be no further lab experiments this semester after Friday, November 19. Lab periods will be devoted entirely to Design Projects. PROJECT SIGNUP : Students must sign up by e-mail for the Design Project of their choice (Project "F", "L", "M", "R", "V", or "T" as described below). PROJECT SIGNUP DEADLINE: 5:00pm, Monday, November 22. Sign up VIA E-MAIL to the TAs: Wade <[email protected]> Tom <[email protected]> c.c. copy to Prof. Nikulin <[email protected]> e-mail message must include: *** Names and e-mail addresses of the partners *** Project selection "F","L","M", "R", "V", or "T" The J-lab will be open as scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students may also use J-lab on Fridays and their "off-day" Monday or Wednesday for extra time. There may also be other times to be announced, but attendance then is optional and no TA assistance will be available. There will not be any evening or weekend hours. PROJECT DEADLINES : THE LAST DAY FOR PROJECTS to be DEMONSTRATED to a lab instructor and signed off for credit is: Friday, December 10 (during the last week of classes). Projects can be demonstrated and graded anytime earlier. FINAL WRITTEN REPORT (MINIMUM 5 PAGES) due by Friday, December 10. DESIGN PROJECT RULES : The EE 315 syllabus allocates 9 points (9% of the final grade) to completion and demonstration of the design project. 3 points are given for each of the following: project demo, questions and answers upon completion of the demo, and final report. If your design is not demonstrated, ZERO GRADE will be given regardless of whether or not a report is submitted. Non-compliance with the specification will result in reduced credit. Projects will be graded whenever they are completed and demonstrated to a lab instructor. After completion and demonstration, TAs may also assign extra credit for any project with enhanced features beyond the original
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specifications. Extra credit up to 2 points (total 11) may be awarded for exceeding the minimum project requirements. Students may work either in pairs or singles (no triples unless by special permission from Prof. Nikulin). Partners may be from either lab section and not necessarily the same as the ones working together previously this semester. DESIGN PROJECT OBJECTIVES : I. Design and build a system using both digital and analog electronics. II. Write a formal report describing the design, construction, test and evaluation of the system. COMPONENTS : -- EE 315 lab kit -- Other components required for various projects will be supplied as required from lab stock, and returned to lab after project completion. (reed relay, heater/thermistor, motor/opto interrupter, infra-red LED/phototransistor, 4-bit comparators) -- Other supplies provided by students as required, keep after completion. DISCUSSION
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