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SCHEDULE OF LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS (Monday or Wednesday, depending on the lab section) Sept. 8/13 Experiment 0. Review of Laboratory Equipment Sept. 20/22 Experiment 1. Diodes Oct. 4/6 Experiment 2. Transistor Characteristics Oct. 11/13 Experiment 3. Combinational Logic Oct. 18/20 Experiment 4. TTL and CMOS Gate Electronics
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Unformatted text preview: Oct. 25/27 Experiment 5. BCD Counter and 7-Segment Display Nov. 1/3 Experiment 6. State Machine Sequence Detector Nov. 8/10 Experiment 7. Serial Adder/Logic Operations using ALU Nov. 15/17 Experiment 8. Operational Amplifier, DAC and A/D Converter...
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